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Campbell Estates

Located in Lee, Florida

Campbell Estates is 3 miles north of Exit 262 off Interstate 10, and is only 37 miles west of the crossroads of Interstate 10 and 75.  This makes for an easy commute to Tallahassee,  Gainesville, Jacksonville, or Valdosta.  At Campbell Estates you would be living in the lowest wind zone rating area in Florida reducing your risk from hurricanes, plus home construction cost and  insurance costs.  Lee offers great climate year round. 

The town of Madison is located 8 miles west of Campbell Estates.  In Madison you will find grocery stores, North Florida College, Madison Community Hospital, restaurants, and shopping.  The small retirement community of Dowling Park located on the Suwannee River is only 15 miles south.  In Dowling Park you will find a grocery store, restaurants, shopping, and medical facilities.  There is also a paved boat ramp to access the Suwannee River. 

Madison Blue Spring State Park is only 7 miles northeast of Campbell EstatesThis crystal clear, first magnitude spring is a popular spot for swimming and cave diving.  Voted the #1 swimming hole in the country by USA Today, Madison Blue Spring is a family favorite destination and a fantastic place to spend the day.


At Campbell Estates you will find beautiful 5 to 21 acre estates.  Some of the lots are heavily wooded in oaks, pines and other hardwood trees.  While other lots are mostly cleared with scattered trees throughout the property.  Each property is located on a county maintained paved road or dirt easement road.  Electricity is available to the front of each parcel.  There is no requirement or timetable to build.    However when you decide to build it must be 1,200 square feet or larger.  Modular homes and mobile homes are allowed providing they meet the minimum square footage and are new. Farm animals are permitted except for pigs.  The properties are currently zoned 1 home per 5 acres.

Estate C-3 has a portion of Campbell Sink and Norton Creek on the property.  During the winter the sink and creek will dry up.  In the spring and summer months it will be full of water.  This is a unique feature you will not find on many properties.






Madison Blue Spring State Park

Madison Blue Spring State Park is only 7 miles away.

Automatic, Non-Qualifying Owner Financing Available with NO Prepayment Penalties:

Right to Call: This means that at the end of the specified time period the seller has the option to require any remaining balance of the loan to be paid off in full. One reason lenders have provisions like this in their loans is to protect the lender in the event of large interest rate increase over the years in the market place.  For example, the seller made it easy for people to own this land because of the easy terms available. If in ten years the market interest rate is 18% it would be a very bad arrangement for the seller to be locked in at 8.9%. They would want to invest their money at the market rate of interest.


The seller may allow the loan to run that entire 20 year period. However, the seller could require any remaining unpaid balance to be paid off at the end of the term. If the seller does call in the balance the buyer can then refinance the land which should be easy due to with the equity built up in the property and appreciation of land values or pay off the remaining balance.   For most of our customers the right to call is not a concern because they plan to pay off their property within ten years in order to save a lot of interest costs.

For example, if the buyer sends approximately an additional $2,220 a year for the 5 Acre Estates (from income tax refunds, bonuses…) or an extra $185 per month, the land would be paid off in ten years.

Purchase Price of $59,995.  Annual Percentage Rate 8.90%.  Amortization based on 235 payments.  You can pre pay all or part any time without penalty.  At the listed amount down and assuming the loan runs the full term as opposed to a shorter pay off, then the finance charge is $56,939.98, total payment amount is $107,939.98 total purchase price is $116,934.98.  There is no qualifying required for the loan.

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