Suwannee Pines

Located in O'Brien, Florida

Suwannee Pines is located in O'Brien, Florida.  Suwannee Pines is located 20 miles south of Live Oak which is located off Interstate 10, only 15 miles west of the crossroads of Interstate 75 and 10.  This makes for an easy commute to Gainesville, Jacksonville, or Valdosta.  At Suwannee Pines you would be living in the lowest wind zone rating area in Florida reducing your risk from hurricanes, plus home construction cost and insurance costs.  Live Oak offers great climate year round and has many amenities while maintaining its small, hometown feel. In Live Oak you will find Publix, Winn Dixie, Super Wal-Mart, Lowes, Tractor Supply, a hospital, and restaurants. 

The small town of Branford is located 3 miles south of Suwannee Pines.  Here you will restaurants, grocery store, hardware store, and the Suwannee River.  The largest city in our area, Gainesville, is 40 southeast of Suwannee Pines.

Little River Springs is less than 3 miles away.  This is one of the more alluring natural sights in Natural North Florida. When the water is not high or stirred by visitors, the smooth and curving flow of this spring and its run to the Suwannee River is beautiful. Under the right conditions. The water in the run is virtually invisible. A limestone shelf in the run is located just below the surface, allowing visitors the rare opportunity to stand and peer directly over the cavern entrance while barely getting their knees wet. Breaks in the limestone near the vent create a pool that is perfect for wading, swimming and snorkeling.  There is also a sandy beach along the Suwannee River for sun bathing.


At Suwannee Pines you will find two properties with giant oaks located side by side with plenty of clearings.  Electricity is available to the front of each property and the land is located on county maintained graded dirt road.  There is no requirement or timetable to build.  Mobile and Modular Homes are permitted.  Farm animals are permitted. 

There are NO DEED RESTRICTIONS  on this property, but you must follow the building codes of Suwannee County when you do decide to build or make improvements. 



Little River 2021b.jpg

Little River Springs is only 3 miles away.

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