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Our family-owned business has been selling land in North Florida for over 45 years.  We specialize in offering owner-financed acreage. There is no requirement to build on any of our properties.  All of our financing is automatic, non-qualifying and there are No pre-payment penalties.  Buyers must inspect the land before buying.  Please look over our site and email/call us with any questions that you may have. Our website contains a limited amount of information about our properties. We have more information that we can mail to you about the area and our properties.


Alan, Andy, Jim, Cathy, Doug

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Unrelated Note from Jim Jean

For our religious customers, whatever your faith may be, and by whatever name you call God, I thought you might enjoy the most soothing scenic and profound video musical website I have ever seen.


Hope you find as much relaxation with it as I do.    


Jim Jean

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