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Little Pine Farms

Located in Fort White, Florida

Little Pine Farms is unique in its location because it is not only close enough for a  family to commute to work in North Central Florida’s biggest city, Gainesville, but even closer to the world famous scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming springs of this area.


The Ichetucknee Springs State Park is less than 9 miles away.  For those not familiar with the Ichetucknee River, it is mostly state owned on both sides, is crystal clear due to the dozens of springs that feed it, and flows into the skiing, fishing, and boating Santa Fe River not far upstream from the Suwannee River.  You could drive to Ginnie Springs in sixteen miles.  You would be within thirty miles of most of the other famous North Florida springs.


In less than five miles you would be in downtown Fort White.  Within eighteen miles you would be at the major commercial district of Lake City.  The town of Alachua is twenty miles away and the large university and hospital center of Gainesville is thirty miles.


You would have small towns, large towns, and cities convenient while still being in the rural scenic country side where you can grow your own food, have farm animals, and make country dreams come true on your own 5 to 17 acre forest.  While there is plenty of shade from the hundred year old spreading live oak trees, you can still clear out much of your land if you want.  In the hot summer people drive for hours to enjoy the Ichetucknee Springs State Park, which is only minutes away.


Little Pine Farms - Estate 3 is wooded in oak and other hardwood trees.  We have cleared out the first couple of acres leaving the large trees.  The property is located on a dirt road and electricity is available to the front of property.  There is no requirement or timetable to build. Mobile and Modular Homes are permitted.  Farm animals are permitted. 

There are NO DEED RESTRICTIONS  on this property, but you must follow the building codes of Columbia County when you do decide to build or make improvements.


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Ichetucknee Springs State Park is only 9 miles away.

Automatic, Non-Qualifying Owner Financing Available with NO Prepayment Penalties:

Purchase Price of $84,995.  Annual Percentage Rate 8.90%.  Amortization based on 296 payments.  You can pre pay all or part any time without penalty.  At the listed amount down and assuming the loan runs the full term as opposed to a shorter pay off, then the finance charge is $112,750.19, total payment amount is $189,250.19 total purchase price is $197,745.19.  There is no qualifying required for the loan.

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